About Me

Filmmaker. Video Editor. Writer.
Christos Georgoudakis grew up in Veroia, a small city located in the northern Greek mainland. His first interaction with anything cinematic happened early in his life, when he accidentally discovered his father’s VHS camcorder in the closet. Unimpressed, he left the camera where it was and instead went to the living room to play the piano clumsily. That single decision eventually led him away from his hometown to pursue a career in music and piano performance.
Christos moved to Thessaloniki to complete his Bachelor's degree and began working as a piano teacher and accompanist. In the meantime, he took acting and dancing lessons until, at some point, he finally realized that the appropriate medium for him to express his annoyingly restless thoughts was hiding right there in the closet all along.

Christos relocated to the UK in 2018 to pursue an MA in Film Studies at University College London. While studying, he developed a passion for documentary filmmaking and shortly after finishing his studies, he completed his first short documentary. He now works as a freelancer on various projects.
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